143. As the United States becomes more infused with persons of Hispanic or Latino descent, is there currently (or do you forsee) any legislation requiring a percentage of public employees to be bilingual?

As I mentioned, our President and his brother Jebb, and Jebb's entire family are bilingual!!!! Do I foresee our entire nation turning to bilingualism? I think it is already happening!!!!! The Los Angeles Unified School District's Teachers' Union recently conducted a survey and 54% of the TEACHERS believe that ALL STUDENTS SHOULD BE BILINGUAL!!!!!  Bentonville, ARKANSAS, may be exploring teaching SPANISH to all students!!!!! We are, and we have been, and we will continue to be a nation of many languages, and there will come a time, like in Canada, when it will be very profitable (and thus, probably required) that our leaders and everyone may learn two or several languages. It will happen, whether we legislate it or not. Because knowledge is "gold," and knowing whatever, but especially knowing languages increases one's marketability and value, I strongly believe that knowing two or more language will be something very desirable in our global marketplace.



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