234.  Re: Question on Cursive Writing.  I just realize that my son (11 years old) starting 6th grade does not know cursive writing. I couldn't believe he didn't know! My mistake, I should have asked or checked!  My question is, what would be the fastest/best way to teach my son cursive writing?  Please help us!

Thank you for your question! I would like to invite you to visit my Web Sites for answers about cursive writing.

The question you ask may no longer be the important question you may be thinking about. Yes, when I was going to school in the '40's and 50's, cursive writing WAS very important and it was taught very carefully following, in many cases, the "Palmer" system of teaching cursive writing. Calligraphy was highly valued and calligraphers made good money writing important manuscripts and other very important messages.

Today, with electronic writing using such a variety of "fonts," cursive writing may not be as essential as before. Your son may prefer to electronically change his word processing to "look" like cursive writing.

As far as teaching cursive, it just takes LOTS of practice: Your son may have to just learn to move his hand according to the basic mechanics of cursive writing following models that outline the order of the hand movements and the direction of the movements. He may eventually enjoy the beautiful way of writing in cursive, which can be very simple or very elaborate.

You may wish to introduce him to cursive writing of a letter at a time, then combinations of letters in short words, longer words, lower case and capital letters, etc. It could be a very interesting "after-school" activity if you keep if as ART and as FUN as possible.

I admire your determination and enthusiasm. Personally, I expect writing to become almost totally an electronic activity, with few, if any, hand written messages used in actual communication.

Thanks again for your question!!!!


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