253.  Do you agree that teaching science helps to incorporate the following:  Spelling, Math, Writing, Social Studies, and Language Arts?


YES, I agree!!!

Science is a system for ORGANIZING the reality we can observe or deduct from our observations.   Botany, for example, categorizes plants by their features.  Physics, in very general terms, categorizes the types of forces that produce energy and how that energy is manifested.  Chemistry categorizes the natural elements found on earth.  Anatomy categorizes the different components of the human body.

Each of these sciences has its unique language; unique words that name the many concepts and key ideas used in each type of science.  Thus, teaching science implies teaching SPELLING.

Each of these sciences attempts to measure the phenomena it observes.   Thus, teaching science implies teaching MATH.

Each of these sciences describes the many categories into which the particular scientists have organized the observed reality.   Describing these categories requires using the specific language needed for each description --verbally and in writing.   Thus, teaching science implies teaching WRITING.

Each of these sciences advanced as the result of individual scientists that made immensely important discoveries.   The lives of these scientists, how they learned to observe, describe, think, and how they discovered or invented new concepts within their fields is very important to understand the sciences themselves.   Thus, teaching science implies teaching Social Studies, teaching about the societies that promoted learning and discoveries, or the societies that punished learning or discoveries.       

In each of these sciences there are scientists that are constantly reporting their new theories, discoveries, advances.   Thus, teaching about these sciences implies teaching Language Arts.

YES!!!  Teaching science helps to incorporate the following:  Spelling, Math, Writing, Social Studies, and Language Arts within science lessons!!!!!

In fact, I strongly believe that ALL teachers –no matter how specialized their fields of study and research are—teach ALL subjects at all grade levels from Kinder to the most sophisticated courses at the university level. 



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