324.  Subject: Re: Seeking PermissionI am a graduate student enrolled in the Master's Program in ESL/EFL at Tamkang  University, Taiwan. I am writing to seek your permission for the use of the lesson design entitled, ‘Creating a  Class Mural of Categories of Nouns—Prototypical and Non-Prototypical  Nouns; Concrete, Mass or Non-Count Nouns and Abstract Nouns’ (Lesson Number 4).  My thesis is to investigate the conceptual/cognitive perception of  Count/Mass distinction on English common noun use/acquisition of Taiwanese College students. My teaching treatment is to incorporate images and image schemas along with nouns used in sentences respectively to two groups of subjects. A pre-test, an interim test, a post test, and a delayed post test designed to track students’ comprehension and production will be administered to gauge progress. However, few literatures I have studied addressed the pedagogical practices of using Count/Mass distinction in a structured environment, which draws my attention to this issue in my thesis.  Your online lesson plan regarding 'Creating a Class Mural of Categories of Nouns' (Lesson Number 4) is a great sample to develop  the teaching practice and to support the pedagogical dynamics in my treatment. I will claim credit for you as the original lesson planner in my published thesis if permission is granted. Should you have any questions about my design, I would be glad to submit an abstract for your reference. I sincerely appreciate your consideration of my proposal and look forward to hearing from you soon.



Dear Student:  
Permission granted; and delighted to help you in any way I can.  
I am very interested in your study and the results you might obtain. Best wishes in your proposed course of study and in your research in ESL.  
And THANKS for your very clear and well explained phone call outlining your proposed topic of investigation and requesting my permission which I am delighted, as stated, to grant to you.
Carmen Sánchez Sadek, Ph.D. 



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